Your Website is the face of your business!


Our Experienced Website Design and Development team provide the highest quality services to help your business get a better online presence. Our unique and visual pleasing designs optimised for PC, tablet & mobile convert your visitors to paying customers!




Website consultation

Set up a FREE meeting with us where we will discuss your project at length. Understanding your needs & your end goal is key for us to ensure our team can design your website in a way that exceeds your expectations!

Website Optimisation

We will Optimise your website to improve the performance of your website, drive further traffic and increase overall conversions. We will also optimise your website to both tablet & mobile, ensuring more eyes on your website!

Custom Projects

We help your brand reach the next level by creating custom made projects to align with your business values. You can rest assure that our website development team will design you a beautiful website!

Web Maintenance

No need to stress about website support & Maintainance! Our support team will keep your website updated & ensure your website security is up to date. Feel free to reach out to our support team for any queries!

Step up your marketing game today!

At Zekovo, we offer creative digital marketing strategies to connect new clients to your brand, increasing your brand exposure!


We offer a FREE Digital marketing consultancy, where we will analyse and send over a report about what your brand is lacking in your digital media strategy and provide creative solutions to increase revenue!

Google Business

We will create & maintain a Google Business profile for your business which increases customer acquisition and helps your business rank higher on Google!

Content Creation

We create unique social media content that will engage your audience and turn them from strangers into paying customers!

Social Media

We manage your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin to ensure consistency and professionalism.

Search Engine Ads

We provide targeted search engine marketing which saves time and allows your business to automatically appear in front of your target audience!